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Trip to Kashmir results in Surprise Sex with my Aunt

Komal was a woman in her late 20s and she was my aunt in relation. I was 23 when this incident happened and was 5-6 years younger than her. My relation with her had always been pleasant and she had a caring nature. However, I had no clue that our relation will come to such a drastic change and Kashmir will be the reason for this change.

My father was planning a trip and also asked my aunt’s family to join us. They agreed as her kid also had holidays in his school. So, finally me, my mom, my father, aunt, his husband and their kid i.e. my cousin brother who was 6 years of age joined us. It was a peak period and Kashmir was meant to be crowded with tourists.

We planned that instead of taking the conventional routes we will travel via a jeep as much as possible and also visit some local places in Kashmir which are not meant to be visited as tourists spots but we wanted to see what the local culture of that place is because we had always listened so much negative things about Kashmir in terms of conflicts and complicated situations in aspects of government policies and religions.

We reached the beautiful valley of Kashmir and it indeed was a “Heaven on Earth”. However, after 3 days there was curfew in most of the places of Kashmir. We were not having any problems as tourist spots were excluded and we were having a good time.

However, on the 5th day we decided to go to the local areas of the valley and the curfew had been lifted for a few hours. The weather was extremely cold and we were not used to this kind of extreme weather.

Our jeep stopped functioning and we were alone in that local area. All of a sudden we heard loud voices of people fighting and we panicked and ran wherever we could. As our luck will have it there were small hotels along that road and all of us went to those hotels but we could not have that much time to react in a planned way and it resulted in the fact that were all in different hotels. I was with my uncle and my brother whereas my aunt, father and mom were together.

As we entered the hotel me and my uncle found that the hotel was all empty and there was no one whom we could find. The cell phones were not working either. We could see my aunt, mom and father and we were talking in sign languages with them. Soon, we found out that their hotel was also empty. The beds were there but there were no blankets on top of it, no pillows.

It looked like people left that place due to some serious reasons and now we were stuck up in such a place. After some moments we heard gun sounds and we all were scared and my little brother started to cry and wanted to go near his mother.

I took my brother slowly towards her mom by keeping myself hidden and keeping myself against the wall and reached my aunt. My uncle started to search for food in the hotel so that he could cook something for all of us. Me and my aunt took her son to a room where she could make my brother sleep.

After some time my father and mother went to the hotel where my uncle was and I would call it a lucky escape as just after that all the sounds of fighting increased more and more and again it was announced that curfew has been activated in that area and we were not allowed to leave our places even for once. If we did, then we were solely responsible for our lives.

As night approached, the temperature began to fall down and there were no blankets. My brother was feeling cold so I gave my jacket to him. My aunt gave her shawl to him as well.

Now me and my aunt both were feeling so cold that we were finding it very uneasy and I hugged beside my brother and tried to sleep. She also did the same but we could not fight the cold. After some moments, my hands touched my aunt’s hand and I rubbed her hand without thinking anything. Just after I did it, I realized I made a mistake and got up to apologize but she said it was okay and felt it was all right to continue doing it as it was cold and body heat could make us fight the cold.

I started rubbing her hands with my brother in between us and soon she also started doing it. I asked my aunt whether I could come near her and lie down as my brother was already asleep. She gestured in a positive tone and I got up and I relaxed myself behind her. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her hand and this time my arms were also on her waist and my hip was just a few inches away from her butt.

We continued rubbing each other and slowly I came further close towards her and soon my hip was resting against her butt and I was getting excited inside.

My aunt turned towards me and said,

“I still make young guys excited! I did not know that!”

I was confused and asked her what she means.

She laughed and said that my cock was poking her ass since some time and she knew I was turned on.

I also laughed shyly.

She asked me to get up and check the lock on the door.

I did as she said and then she told me to lie next to her and lower my pants.

I was surprised but happy inside. I saw her opening her salwar-kameez as well. She took my hands and placed it on her breasts and started rubbing my cocks from her hands. She was now talking as if she was giving me commands and I was following her orders keenly.

She told me to kneel down on the corner of the bed on the floor and I did as she said me. She lowered herself now and her legs touched the floor but she was still lying on the bed and then stretched her legs apart and I could see her Pink Vagina and it looked so beautiful. I could also see a patch of her pubic hair which were smooth and silky. She said me to lick her pussy and I started licking her pussy and I could see her in pleasure but she was also checking upon her son in case he gets awake.

She gestured me to come close to her and lie down beside her with my legs towards her and my face towards her feet. I did as she said and she put her hands on my head and placed it in between her legs and I was licking her vagina again.

Soon, I felt her lips on my cock and I have no words for the pleasure I received. I was getting my cock sucked at the same time I was licking her vagina and she didn’t even leave my cock once. She put it in her mouth and kept rolling her tongue on it in different direction. I could feel that she was enjoying herself and pushed her vagina against my mouth further.

I was inching closer towards my orgasm and I was licking my aunt’s pussy with much more intensity now. She kept her hands on my butt and pushed it towards her face and my cock entered further inside her mouth and she gestured me to move my hips. I started doing so and I could not believe the fact that I was now fucking my aunt’s mouth.

I increased my speed and after some moments, I came inside her mouth. She kept sucking and licking at my cock after she had swallowed all of my cum. She too was building up towards her orgasm and quickly made me lie straight on the bed and rested her pussy on my face on top of my mouth and started rubbing my face with her vagina and hit her orgasm. My face was wet her juices and she smooched me and uttered,

“Whenever we want to do this again, just mention Kashmir to me. You have no idea what would I have done to you if your brother was not sleeping next to us. Go wear your clothes and unlock the door”.

I was thrilled with what happened and thanked Kashmir for it in my heart.


Kashmir turned out to be “Heaven on Earth” for me and I experienced my aunt’s heavenly hole as well…


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