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Learning the Sex Tunes and Rhythms with my Hot Music Teacher

Music is like water to my thirsty soul and I was attached with the art of Music since I was a kid. My city, Kolkata is also known for its rich artistic and culture heritage. However, I had no clue that my passion for music will lead to some dramatic changes in my Life.

I am Karthik, 25 years of age and this incident occurred in my Life 2 years back and I am still facing the amazing consequences which followed that incident.

My Music Teacher, Supriti was a wonderful woman in her mid-30s with a melodious voice. She had a soft and understanding nature and I have been with her since 6 years and she played an important part in grooming my music talent. I had made my name in local areas of my city as I was a regular stage performer and I was improving day by day and also trying my luck to get a big opportunity to showcase my talent.

I have changed my name for this story as what happened with me is something very dramatic and real. I had gone for auditions in a Music Reality show which had the famous personalities of India as the judge. It was a tiring and nervous experience as I had to wait long in queue to get an opportunity but when I got the chance, judges were mesmerized by my performance and step by step I cleared the upcoming rounds and finally got selected for the next major audition after which I could be a part of the main reality show.

I only had that one major audition left and with that thought and excitement I left the place and went straight to my music teacher at night. It was meant to be a surprise for her as I did not inform her that I was going for the auditions. As soon as she opened the door, I went close to her and leaned to her and hugged her tight. Tears rolled down my eyes while I hugged her and I just could not say anything in that moment. I kept the hug intact while she was wearing a night gown and I could feel that she was not wearing anything inside as my hands could feel her skin under that gown very easily. It was a feeling of mixed emotions where my mind was making me naughty whereas my heart made me emotional.

Supriti Teacher patted my head and asked me what the matter was and I told her that I was selected for the auditions and while I was saying this I made my hug tighter to feel her skin. I could sense my cock getting hard in that moment and I continued whatever that moment was making me do. She had a sexy body which could make any man desire for her but no one can control the destiny. She was divorced and lived alone and music and her students gave a meaning to her life. It was rumored that she was forced into a marriage by her parents against her wish as she loved someone else whom her parents did not approve of and this forced decision by her parents became the reason for her spoiled marriage.

I lowered my one of the arms and I let it rest across her waist and then I stepped back and looked into her eyes and said. “It all happened because of you. You have made me reach this stage and you worked so hard in improving my skills and focused even on the smallest of details in my singing”.

I kneeled down on one of my knees and held her hand and kissed it.

I could see my teacher in tears too. Those were tears of happiness. I got up and went closer, closer and closer until my lips were just an inch away from hers. I did not see her step back or anything negative and this gave me the confidence to move further and I kissed her rosy lips.

Supriiti Teacher also reciprocated my kiss and kissed me harder and she held my hand and led me into her room. I untied the knots of her gown and let it fall on the floor. My assumption was absolutely correct as she was completely naked beneath.

I made her lie down on the bed and glanced her naked body which made my cock get into the mood and it was as hard as a rock inside my trousers. I opened my clothes while my teacher kept looking into my eyes and I saw her stretch her legs apart further to have my cock.

I was naked quickly and got on top of her and kissed her gently and put my head into her cleavage and licked her breasts. I put one of her nipples in my mouth and kept sucking at it playfully while I pinched her another nipple at the same time. I could feel her breathing heavily and passionately and I dropped lower and lower kissing her all along until I reached her vagina.

I made sure her pussy was all wet from my wet kisses and she too was much excited and I could sense her pussy juices flowing. I hinted for a condom to my teacher but she said that she wanted to feel the “REAL ME” and wanted to have my natural cock.

I placed my cock into her wet sexy pussy hole and rocked forward to see my cock disappear in her vagina. I kept rocking back and forth until I could hear my teacher moan. I increased my speed to hear her moan louder and louder. Suddenly, I stopped fucking her and went to a pause and kept it like that until she screamed in madness for me to continue fucking her hard and fast. I gave all my strength in that moment and I fucked her pussy like it was our last fuck.

I was into sweats but did not lose my erections until some more minutes and it gave me a joy of pride to see her cumming before me and she screamed in ecstasy while she released her pussy juice and she crawled towards my cock and kissed it.

She said “Your cock is as wonderful as your singing”

She further added “It deserves much more respect.”

After saying this she started licking my cock like she was hungry for it since so many years and I could see the passion in her manner of sucking my cock. I was into immense pleasure while my cock felt her lips and her amazing tongue from which she made me feel the sensations I had never felt before.

I could feel myself going close to orgasm and within some moments burst out my cum in her mouth which she swallowed and I loved it when she licked my cock clean and we cuddled next to each other silently for some moments.

She held my hands and made me touch her butts until my hands were over her asshole.

She then said, “You will get to fuck this virgin hole as a Reward if you get selected in the Final Auditions”.

I want you to earn that Reward Karthik!

My finger went inside her butt hole when she said this and I kissed her lips and uttered,

“I will earn anything and everything to have you as my Reward for my Complete Life”.

We got lost into our imagination while we kissed and it was “The Best Music Class” I ever had until then!


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