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Best Friend of My Wife fucked hot and dirty

My wife was a social animal and she was one of those people whom everyone knows and she is always the popular one in her group. I was lucky to have a wife like that who could manage her personal and social life so well. She was also a great partner to have on bed and I loved to fuck her sexy vagina. I made sure she remained in shape as I myself was an athlete and understood the importance of being healthy and wanted to be in shape always.

My wife had a great figure. Her butts were 34 while her boobs were 36 and I loved to suck on her boobs and squeeze it while fucking her. Butts were the thing which really turned me on and I would lie next to her on bed at times and put my cock in between her butt cheeks and massage and squeeze on her boobs while kissing her neck from behind.

We liked to experiment with sex and I had a great sex life.

This incident occurred one evening and it would be a lie to admit the fact that I was not wanting it to happen. My wife hosted kitty parties as well in our home amongst her friends and all the beautiful women will come but I would not be home at that time as firstly, I had my work and secondly it was meant to be “All Girls Get Together” where they wanted to have privacy.

However, one day I was at home in my room and all the ladies were enjoying outside and I did not want to ruin their privacy but inside my room I was wanting to join them and I was getting some dirty fantasies as well. I could see one of the girls from my room as she was sitting on the corner and she was none other than the best friend of my wife.

She was Parvati and she had a body which could make any girl envy of her. I had known her since some time and I was hooked to her because of her great figure and also her voice. She seemed to have a seductive voice and her manner of speaking increased the seductiveness even more. She was my wife’s closest friend during her school days but she moved to a different city and this was the reason I did not know much about her earlier.

I could sense that she had a butt which was at-least 38 and it was one of the sexiest pair of ass cheeks which I had ever seen. Her boobs also seemed too juicy and firm and she looked like a model and was way apart from other friends of my wife.

I was working on my laptop regarding some sports management project and also watching her minute after minute. Soon I noticed she was also giving glances. I understood the fact that she was showing interest and I wanted to proceed things.

I took a small piece of paper and wrote “You look beautiful. I also am fond of hearing your seductive voice”. I wanted to keep it short as the paper needed to be very small. I went towards the entrance of my door and when she looked at me again, I showed her the tiny paper and let it drop on the floor near the entrance.

My heart was beating fast now thinking whether my move will work or not and I was glad that it did because after some minutes she got up and made some excuse to pick that paper up. She dropped her purse knowingly and while she picked the purse she also got that paper and she went to the washroom as that was the reason she initially got up from her chair.

Some moments passed, and I saw her passing near the entrance where she dropped that paper again.

She wrote “Are you sure you only like my voice? I notice your eyes on me somewhere else!” Along with that she had also written her phone number.

I was amused to read her reply and quickly sent her a text on the number.

“You seem to notice my eyes in so much detail Parvati”.

While she was sitting, I could see her checking my text and saw a smile on her face as well.

She replied “I notice your eyes and also other things! You workout regularly don’t you?”

I replied back, “You too do it, don’t you Parvati. Where did you see my eyes looking most at you”.

She sent me a laughing smiley as her reply and then again texted,

“You seem to be looking at my boobs and butts”!

I was happy to see her blunt and bold side and replied,

“You are quick and smart as well! Well, you guessed it absolutely right”!

I got the reply,

“So, how is my butt and boobs?”

I texted back,

“Parvati, I would like to convey it in REAL rather than in TEXTS”!

She replied,

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go! Dress up and I will excuse myself from this boring mess. No one is at my home. Let’s see what you want to convey.”

As soon as I read her text, it was a surprise for me because I wasn’t expecting her to be this quick!

I dressed quickly and styled my hair something different and sexy and left the home after smooching my wife. It felt hot to smooch my wife thinking of the next events with her best friend. I was feeling wicked inside and wanted to fuck my wife but I wanted to save it for later.

I went outside the house and walked away from my home. I remembered Parvati has a car so I skipped taking my car and texted her that I was waiting for her.

Some moments passed and I saw her car coming towards me. I took the driver’s seat while she moved to the next seat.

We both looked at each other and something made me feel that she was feeling as wicked as I was feeling in that point of time.

We started having some conversations about her growing up years and about the fact that she left the city and came back now. I got to know this time she won’t be leaving the city and will be here permanently. She stressed on that fact looking straight into my eyes and I could sense a hint in that statement of hers.

I complimented her again of her beautiful looks and as I said that I came closer to her and slowed the car down. I got a response from her immediately as she too leaned forward and we both kissed each other lips and she again surprised me as she bit my lower lips and put her hands on my thighs and her hands moved towards my cock.

This was really turning out to be an unpredictable experience! Don’t forget to read what happens next in the second part of this story! Coming Soon!

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